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Telltale Phillibuzzter CA TKN CGC

KatahdinPeak High Flying Hero OA OAJ XF SSA x Collinswood Tail It Like It Is NA NAJ NF

DOB- 5/26/21

Height:- 20.5"

Weight- 50 lbs

Color- Black Tri

Eyes- Brown

Full Tail

Eyes- Clear 2021

HSF4- Clear by parentage

PRA-prcd- Clear by parentage

CEA- Clear by parentage

MDR1- pending

DM- Clear  by parentage

Hips- OFA Pending

PennHip- R: .40 L: .35 

Elbows- Pending 

From Phil’s Mom Ashton: 


Phil is my third Aussie and he has added so much to my life. He wants to be near me all the time which sometimes leads to me getting smothered as he doesn’t realize he’s as big as he is. Training wasn’t this easy with my first two and he makes wanting to do sports fun. He’s mostly a couch potato at home but gets wild when working. He loves playing fetch and has recently become a brother to a chicken that he just loves so much. My brother-in-laws niece says “Phil’s my best friend!” and we’ve never had to worry about him being rough with my grandmother. He’s gone camping and stayed in a hotel without ever having an issue and he’ll nap on any car ride we take. I am so thankful to have this dog in my life.

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