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Collinswood Tail It Like It Is NA NAJ NF


Collinswood Tuxx With Tale MX MXJ MXF DJ  x Collinswood Temperance MX AXJ AXF 

Tattle is everything I've ever wanted in an Aussie. Her sire and dam are two of my all time favorite Aussies and I couldn't be more thrilled to have her. Tattle is reserved with strangers but will happily accept pets or food. Once you are in her circle of friends she will greet you with a wiggle and a grin while carrying her favorite toy. In my totally unbiased opinion she is the cutest dog ever. She is a great snuggler and a total Mama's girl.   She is my smallest dog and the self appointed queen of the household. 

Tattle is not the type of dog you can drill in training. Repetitive sessions become boring quickly and diminish her desire to work. She is a thinker and generally understands new behaviors within a few tries. She likes to be right and will work for both toys and food. Tugging is one of her favorite activities! Tattle is an excellent communicator with other dogs and has great body language. She is an invaluable tool in my puppy classes and privates lessons. She was an excellent mother to her first litter in 2021. 

 Tattle is co-owned with her breeders, Terri Collins and Jessica Plourde. 


Tattle and her sire, Tuxx

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