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Telltale There Be Monsters at Collinswood


ASCA Major Pointed Skyquake's Heart of a Pirate OTDsdc OFTDm HSAsd HTAD2s,ge HTAD1c JHD JS-O RS-N GS-N DM DSA TKN DNA-CP x Collinswood Tail It Like It Is NA NAJ NF

Kraken was a singleton puppy who was fortunate enough to get to grow up with her litter of cousins. She was always a stunning puppy and made it clear early on that she intended to be mine. Davy & Tattle gave me everything I wanted from their cross in one little black bi package. 

At 6 months old Kraken is a joy to train. She is equally food and toy motivated. She is fast, confident, and fierce. I can't wait to see what we accomplish together. Kraken will be training in agility and stock in 2024. 

DOB- 6/23/2023

Height:- still growing

Weight- still growing

Color- Black Bi

Eyes- Brown

Full Tail

Eyes- Clear Aug 2023

HSF4- Clear by parentage

PRA-prcd- Clear by parentage

CEA- Clear by parentage


DM- Clear by parentage

Hips- too young

Elbows- too young

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