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Oakhurst Arborview Pants on the Ground Collinswood CGC NA NAJ AD Achiever Dog


GCH Collinswood Cayenne Pepper of ArborOaks x GCH Oakhurst Arborview Dancin' with the Starz 


Pants is an exuberant boy who enjoys living life to the fullest. I don't think Pants ever has a bad day. He is goofy and very enthusiastic, but he knows when to turn it on and get to work. Pants gives 110% to any task I ask of him. He gives his best effort to every sport we've tried ; disc, agility, nosework, flyball, herding,  and dock diving. He adores puppies, I think he'd raise a litter himself if he could. 

In training he loves to learn and picks up on new tricks quickly, easily one of the smartest dogs I've ever worked with. I joke that he reads my mind and knows exactly what I want from him with no instruction. He can play fetch or frisbee for hours on end and would probably play until he dropped dead if I let him. In agility he loves the weave poles and barks with excitement when I give his weave cue. Despite his ability to go all day when asked, Pants has an excellent off switch and is easy to live with. He is happy to be wherever I am, whether it be doing something fun or relaxing on the couch, a total Mama's Boy. Pants was neutered in 2021 due to some health issues and will not be bred. He is enjoying his retirement job of professional puppy raiser!

DOB- 11/06/2014

Height- 20.5"
Weight- 44lbs
Color- Blue Merle
Eyes- Blue
Red Factored

Eyes- Cleared 3/19

HSF4- Clear by Parentage

PRA-prcd- Clear by Parentage

CEA-Clear by Parentage


DM- Clear

Hips-Excellent (AS-36558E47M-VPI)

Elbows-Normal (AS-EL11271M47-VPI)

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