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Telltale's Hush the Siren Song at Collinswood DDS DDBE TKA

KatahdinPeak High Flying Hero OA OAJ XF SSA x Collinswood Tail It Like It Is NA NAJ NF 

From Lyra's Mom Sarah:


Lyra is my family’s first Aussie and has been an incredible addition. My biggest ask of Telltale was to give me a puppy that was socially smart with other dogs, and Lyra has proven time and time again that she can adjust herself to interact with all personalities. While she is quick to snuggle up any stranger, she loves to absolutely smother her people. She is playful in the house with dogs, humans, or toys, and is able to entertain herself when need be.


Lyra loves to work with me; I believe that we both take joy in our partnership and connection. She happily offers behaviors for toys or food and picks up new skills with ease. She has been environmentally sound and confident in herself from the day we picked her up, and she prefers to work smart, not hard. She loves to play disc, particularly freestyle, and agility. In 2024 we look forward to debuting in UKI and putting up advanced level scores in disc.


She is my perfect first sports dog - balanced between drive and thoughfulness, biddable, and self-assured. She is the light of my life and a delight to be around.

DOB- 5/26/2021

Height:- 19"

Weight- 36 lbs

Color- Black Tri

Eyes- Brown

Full Tail

Red Factored

Eyes- Clear 7/21

HSF4- Clear by parentage

PRA-prcd- Clear by parentage

CEA- Clear by parentage

MDR1- Clear

DM- Clear by parentage

Hips- Excellent (AS-43169E24F-C-VPI)

Elbows- Normal (AS-EL17264F24-C-VPI)

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