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Katahdin Peak High Flying Hero OA OAJ OF


CKC CH TreeStarr Ramblin' Man StrmyLee x Hemlocks Ready or Not Foxfire

Marvel is the sweetest, most easygoing boy. He is outgoing, confident, and extremely athletic. He handles overstimulating and stressful situations with ease and remains calm and level headed. Marvel is social with dogs and easy to live with, he is quiet and sensible. Marvel removes himself from stressful situations and tries to avoid conflict. If he is directly confronted he will back down if I ask, but otherwise will hold his ground. He can be independent, always within eyesight of me but does not feel the need to follow me around the house. He is great at setting boundaries with new puppies or any canine house guests and an excellent neutral dog around reactive dogs. He is my right hand man and demo dog for teaching classes. 

With all of his calmness comes a great "on switch", this boy can go from 0-100 the second he is asked to perform. He has a decent drive to play fetch but tug is his favorite! Marv loves to work and takes everything I ask as a serious job. He doesn't like to be wrong and prefers that I keep an upbeat attitude when we are training. To me Marvel has the perfect Aussie temperament, confident, driven, social, and appropriately reserved. 

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