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Telltale Throwin' Shade At Collinswood


KatahdinPeak High Flying Hero OA OAJ OF  x MACH2 Collinswood Special Agent Blye MXB MXJB XF T2B RS-E 

Shade is my keeper puppy from the Marvel x Kensi litter , bred and raised by Laura Lynn Tanner in New York. When I went to meet the litter at age 7 weeks there was no denying Shade was meant to be mine. I had told Laura Lynn I wanted drive, confidence, and a stellar temperament- Shade is all of that and more. When she ran across a flooded pool cover to chase the big dogs and didn't bat an eye I knew she would be coming home to Telltale. Shade LOVES people and would happily spend all day snuggling and loving on someone, she has never met a stranger. She is bold, quick on her feet, and fearless while still being thoughtful. When out and about she is neutral towards people and dogs, wagging her tail at anyone who says hello but happy to trot right on by without an issue. She is one of my best hiking dogs and easy to take anywhere. 

Shade reminds me so much of her dam with her flowy stride and smooth jumping style. I am excited to get her back in the performance ring in 2023. She is everything I'd hoped for and more. (3.5 years old). 

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