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Telltale Collinswood 4evr N Evrgreen SG TKA CGC

KatahdinPeak High Flying Hero OA OAJ XF SSA x Collinswood Tail It Like It Is NA NAJ NF 

DOB- 5/26/2021

Height:- 19"

Weight- 36 lbs

Color- Red Tri

Eyes- Amber

Full Tail

Eyes- Clear 7/21

HSF4- Clear by parentage

PRA-prcd- Clear by parentage

CEA- Clear by parentage

MDR1- Pending

DM- Clear by parentage

Hips- Good (AS-43086G24F-C-VPI)

Elbows- Normal (AS-EL17181F24-C-VPI)

From Evie's Mom Martha:


Evie lives in Vermont and loves agility, hiking, swimming, and cuddling, though not necessarily in that order. She is an easy keeper who gets along well with dogs and people, is unflappable in public, and has a good off switch. She is almost always happy, likes a good party, and is fun and loving company. According to her agility instructor Ever is “driven and fast without being neurotic, highly biddable without being soft and sensitive, and pretty with good structure.” She learns quickly, has good distance handling skills, and gets excited to compete.

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