I began my professional dog training career in 2014 after aquiring my first Australian Shepherd, Pants. Prior to that I began training at 8 years old, teaching my hound mix, Jenny, basic obedience and tricks. While training Jenny, I discovered a book on clicker training which sparked a further interest in canine behavior. To this day I still utilize clicker training with my clients , and I was an attendee of the 2018 Clicker Expo in St. Louis. I believe in the use of modern, positive reinforcement training.


I have enrolled in the Karen Pryor Academy Dog Trainer Professional Program beginning December 2018. I continue to further my knowledge by reading dog training books, attending seminars, and taking courses with the Karen Pryor Clicker Academy as well as the Fenzi Dog Sports Academy. My goal is to eventually specialize in performance dog behavior issues and become a certified behavior consultant. 

With my personal dogs I hope to begin successfully competing in AKC agility and continuing our success on the disc field. 

In Memory of Jenny, who inspired my love of dog training.