Oakhurst Arborview Pants on the Ground Collinswood NA NAJ NF CGC Achiever Dog

Bred By: Belinda Rhoads, Karen Mallory, & Terri Collins.

DOB- 11/06/2014

Height- 20.5"
Weight- 44lbs
Color- Blue Merle
Eyes- Blue
Red Factored

Eyes- Cleared 3/19

HSF4- Clear by Parentage

PRA-prcd- Clear by Parentage

CEA-Clear by Parentage


DM- Clear

Hips-Excellent (AS-36558E47M-VPI)

Elbows-Normal (AS-EL11271M47-VPI)

Neutered Performance Dog

KatahdinPeak High Flying Hero OA OAJ OF

Bred By: Cora Hicks

DOB- 2/21/2016

Height:- 19.75"

Weight- 43lbs

Color- Red Tri

Eyes- Brown

Full Tail

Eyes- Clear July 2021

HSF4- Clear

PRA-prcd- Clear

CEA- Clear 


DM- Clear 

Hips- Good (AS-36885G35M-VPI)

Elbows- Normal (AS-EL11562M35-VPI)

*Animal Genetics Panel Results Available Upon Request

Standing at stud to approved bitches



Telltale Phillibuzzter

Bred By: Telltale 
Owned by: Ashton Wilkinson & Sam King

DOB- 5/26/21

Height:- still growing

Weight- still growing

Color- Black Tri

Eyes- Brown

Full Tail

Eyes- Clear 2021

HSF4- Clear by parentage

PRA-prcd- Clear by parentage

CEA- Clear by parentage

MDR1- pending

DM- Clear  by parentage

Hips- Too Young

PennHip- R: .40 L: .35 

Elbows- Too Young

Mole (Guacamole)


Telltale In Queso Emergency
Bred By: Blue Rock Aussies & Telltale Aussies 
Owned by:  Mackenzie Tessman & Sam King